Friday Funny

Ruan Kriek and Leonard Momberg (Head Office) are throwing their weigh around again

Watch Out you Might be CARTOONED next :)

Congratulations - Dominique

Congratulations to Dominique de Meyer (Site Admin - Kusile) for becoming a Mother for the first time on Thursday 14 November.
Mia was born at 17h04 she is 51 Long and Weighs in at 3.24kg.
We are wishing years of blessings with this new bundle of joy!


Safety Poster

Hail Storm at Kusile

The Hail Storm that hit the Kusile Site on Tuesday.



Training at Kusile

Claudette conducted Safety, Health and Environment Representative (SHE Rep) at the Kusile Site on 13/11/2013.  We would like to congratulate the team that completed the training.  Well Done.


NIC has had some changes over the last few months, with many new employees joining our team.  We would like to WELCOME you all to the NIC Team!  This is a very exciting time in our company and we are wishing you all the best of luck in your positions.

Finance Division Welcomes - Adele van Eck - Financial Manager

Hail Storm at Kendal

On Tuesday Night the Heavens open with Hail in the Kendal / Ogies (Kusile) area.
Kendal Accommodation sending us these photos of the HAIL that could still be seen the day after the storm.  The Kendal Accommodation experienced damage of windows, trees, plants and vehicles.

The team at the plot also assisted some of the animals at the Plot - 23 Doves and a Woodpecker was saved after they could no longer seek shelter in the trees.

Snake at Kendal

A Ringhals / Spitting Cobra visited at the Kendal Accommodation Plot and ate some of the Chicken eggs... It's the Wild Wild West for some of the areas that our employees work.

Sale - New Employees

We would like to welcome new staff members to the NIC Head Office Instrumentation Internal Sales Department - Chantelle Oliever and Romaen Tiffen
Wishing you guys the best of luck with LOTS OF SALES rolling in!
Hard at Work = Chantelle Oliever

All Smiles = Romaen Tiffen

Friday Funny

Lynne Smith and Janis Moodley from the Head Office Costing department were caught this Friday with the same shoes... so just had to CARTOON the ladies as the LOVE "CASUAL FRIDAY"

Watch Out you Might be CARTOONED next :)

Congratulations - Jaco & Sonette (Secunda)

NIC would like to congratulate Jaco & Sonette (van Zyl) Wehmeyer on their marriage.
Wishing you many years of wedded-bliss
2 November 2013


Congrats - Photo and Film Expo

A big congratulations to Charmaine Buttrick (Head Office) who was invited to show off her talents for Body-painting at the annual Photo and Film Expo held in Johannesburg this past weekend.

As you can see she and her team did an amazing job of capturing the imagination of art on skin.

Charmaine and her team in Action


Thought of the Week